Day One


Sunday 12th of February’s Menu


Waffles with Bacon and Fruit


Beans on Toast with Fried Egg


Macaroni Cheese


Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies and Ice Cream

Success rate: 75%

Thoughts on Breakfast:

I can’t go wrong with waffles (or pancakes, it’s the same batter just cooked differently). I think this may be because it falls under the category of crappy food. I try to load it up with fruit though to assuage my guilt over the nutella they top theirs with. We do this every Sunday because I have decided that it’s going to be a tradition and someone they will wistfully tell their friends about when they’re hungover eating pot noodles on a Sunday morning while at university. “I miss my mammy’s pancakes, she makes these amazing ones every Sunday….” they’ll say wistfully.

Thoughts on Lunch:

Okay technically this was just my lunch. We were waiting on the shopping to be delivered so everyone had cobbled together shrapnel meals with whatever we could find in the fridge/cupboard. Eldest child had boiled eggs on toast, the boys had peanut butter sandwiches, the girls had tinned chicken soup. The baby had some leftover fruity oatmeal I’d made the day before (oats, stewed apples and a couple of dates cooked in water and a smidge of apple juice).

Thoughts on Dinner:

I make a mean macaroni cheese. It’s studded with roasted butternut squash and covered in a delicious cheese sauce made with guyere and cheddar cheese and milk infused with onion, bay, nutmeg and cloves. It is bloody lovely. Two children refused it entirely. Philistines.

Thoughts on Dessert:

I decided to experiment yesterday and made gluten free brownies. The secret to their flourlessness? Beetroot. I didn’t tell the kids that though because they would have reacted like it was poison. Eldest boy child didn’t have any (but he’s not a fan of chocolate cake), eldest girl child pulled a face and said it tasted like cat food (which begs the question how does she know what cat food tastes like?) but the rest of us really enjoyed them. They were gooey and fudgy and delicious with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. You can pretend to yourself that they are super virtuous due to the beetroot content but really they’re as indulgent as any other brownie.


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