Day Two – Meat-Free Monday

Monday 13th of February’s Menu


Whole Earth Smooth Peanut Butter and Banana on Toast


Potato & Leek Soup with homemade bread



Sag Aloo with Pilau Rice and Onion Bhajis

Wow. Okay. Today was a total carb over-kill. I see that now. It was resplendent with white bread, white potatoes and white rice. I’m still finding my way with vegetarian meals. I had originally planned to make a lentil dahl but when I pointed the thing (yup, I’m trying Weight Watchers) I found it was about a million Smart Points (okay it was 13), the Sag Aloo in comparison was 3.

It was something of a moot point with the children anyway as only one of them actually ate any of it. The eldest boy child (I’m going to HAVE to come up with better names for them) declared it was all delicious, he even said “the spinach is nice, not like the usual horrible spinach”. I’m not sure if he’s just blowing smoke up my ass though as he eats like a bird so 3/4’s of his meal was left on the plate. Maybe he’s just figured out that I go easy on him if he says “this is delicious but I’m totally full!” instead of just a straight up whiny “I DON’T LIKE THIS DINNER!” which his sisters come out with. The husbeast assures me that it was in fact both edible and tasty, so I’m going to try to believe him.

Did I mention it’s midterm this week? This means that I get to listen to them complain and ask for food all day every day. Tonight they are now having cereal after they rejected dinner.


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