Day 4

Wednesday 15th of February’s Menu


Toasted Banana Bread, Yogurt and Apple compote


Tuna Mayo sandwiches, chopped grapes and cheese


Boeuf Bourguignon, Garlic Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans and Broccoli


As many apples as Chorky could steal and take three bites out of before discarding behind the sofa. Freddo Bars given to them by my sister (and now their favourite Aunt)

Thoughts on Dinner:

Big A immediately turned her nose up at it. “It’s disgusting!” she wailed. “It’s just a beef stew!” I countered. She continued to eye it with suspicion before flouncing off to her Grandmother’s to see what she can raid there. Squishy is having tacos on a play-date tonight so at least I don’t have to feel responsible for her nutrition. Meester declared it was the most amazing beef ever! while deftly managing to avoid every vegetable on his plate. Chorky and Noony both only ate their potatoes, grudgingly at that. Ah well at least I have leftovers now to pack up for the husband to take to work tomorrow.


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