Day Three

Tuesday 14th of February’s Menu


Kids – Malt Wheats Cereal and fruit

Me – Banana on Toast with Peanut Butter and Coffee


Kids – vegetable croquettes, cherry tomatoes

Plain yogurt with apple compote


Kids – Banana Bread

Me – Tall Skinny Cappuccino from Starbucks


Kids – Potato Waffles, Chicken Dippers and Beans

Me and the Husband – An M&S Dine in 2 for 20 Valentine’s feast, punctuated by dealing with a crying baby and eventually watching John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight in silence.

Smoked Salmon Starter

Slow Cooked Duck Legs in a Port & Orange Sauce

Potato Rosti


Millionaire’s Shortbread Dessert

Bottle of Prosecco split between us and then a French Martini because FML.

Thoughts on Lunch:

I don’t know what possessed me to make the vegetable croquettes. I mean they were delicious, really delicious but they had “vegetable” in the title so I put myself on the back foot with getting the kids to even try them right away. I don’t understand it. They were weaned on a really varied diet with loads of fruit and veg. I don’t know why in the past two years or so they have suddenly taken against it. After some pleading, everyone but one child ate them. The Big A thoroughly enjoyed them, but then fainted and fell off her stool (damn PoTS, she can get a little fainty after eating carbs). Meester liked them until he discovered peas in them, Noony (and friend) demolished theirs, Chorky wouldn’t eat them (but had spent the morning grazing on fruit so possibly wasn’t hungry) and Mister Tiny Baby demolished his. So fairly successful I guess?

Thoughts on Dinner:

Dinner last night was a thing of convenience. The husband was working until 8 when we were going to enjoy our hastily bought Valentine’s feast. I was lazy. It was very beige. They still only ate half of it.



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