Day Eight

Sunday 19th of February’s Menu


Waffles and fruit


Potato and Leek Soup 


Tarka Dhal with Pilau Rice and what can only be described as an attempt at garlic and coriander naan (it was very nice, just not very naanish)


Fruit and Banana Bread (because I had lots of browning bananas that needed using)

Thoughts on Dinner:

This was my first time ever making dal (or is it daal? or dahl? or dhal?) Not only was it my first time making it, it was also my first time eating it. I seem to be leaning towards Indian food quite a bit these days, but it’s tasty and very accommodating to meat-free choices. I’m actually astounded at how little the husband has complained about the lack of meat.

I was quite pleased with the results but as predicted NONE of the kids ate it (Meester at least gave it a try). They did eat the not-very-naanish-naan and declared it was delicious, so small victories. They all had a bowl of cereal before bed to make up for the lack of a proper evening meal.


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