Catch Up

Apologies I have fallen so far behind. I had so many meals that I wanted to post but for whatever reason I just didn’t get round to it! I shall endeavour to do that now. We had a hectic week so eating went a bit off piste. There was some freezer food, there was a Dominos on Saturday, and we went for lunch on Sunday. The Dominos was entirely my fault as the husband and I attended an event on Friday night that was part of the NI Science Festival. It was entitled What’s Your Poison? and featured a brief lecture on toxicology and a bucket of cocktails (you can check out the lovely people behind it on Twitter, and I recommend you do because it really was a very entertaining night). Anyway, it left me feeling a bit well…. fragile.

This week I am endeavouring to do better! The kids are back at school so they’re back to packed lunches (fruit salad, sandwich, yogurt or cheese most days) and I’m back to trying to ensure we have a good dinner each night. Last night it was lamb and sweet potato curry (one of my absolute favourites and it was almost derailed by an untimely powercut), today is Pancake Tuesday where we remember the martyrdom of St. Pancake of Antioch, so we’ll be having a brinner (breakfast for dinner) of bacon and pancakes, I have better things planned for the week ahead.

I will share a few of the dishes from last week which included a lentil ragu served with wholewheat spaghetti. This went down extremely well, shockingly so, the husband ate it without complaint (he still hasn’t forgiven me for the time I made a lentil cottage pie) and Chorky went around the table polishing off everyone’s left-overs. Now my version is not vegetarian because I used beef stock in it, but if you wish you can use vegetable stock and make the whole thing vegetarian/vegan friendly.

Please don’t judge me for the amount of diet coke on the table. The type 1 diabetic teenager has to drink sugar-free stuff and I’m a shameless addict myself.


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